Customized Skin Care

Classic Skin Care 60 min.

It is a fundamental skin care which is applied by professional products suitable for normal skin types. It renovates and revives the skin.

Sensitive Skin Care 60 min.

It is a calming care applied with special mask and serum to soothe sensitive, allergic skins and skins with capillary vessel problems.

Dry Skin Care 50 min.

It is a skin care which provides deep cleansing and purification for oily and problematic skin types, clarifies the skin, reduces the brightness induced by oil and brings a healthy and sober appearance.

Intense Humidity Skin Care 50 min.

It meets the humidity requirement of the skin and gives life and energy to the skin. It is a prestigious care with its humidifying and nourishing components.

Oily Skin Care 60 min.

It is a skin care applied to oily skins. It is a mask which prevents the formation of pimples, acnes and blackheads on the skin.

Anti- Aging Skin Care 60 min.

It is an intense skin care which is applied to reduce the wrinkles on the mature skins by loading vitamin C to the skin.

Active Contour Eye Care 40 min.

It is a special eye care which increases the humidity rate only around the eye, prevents wrinkles and ensures smooth appearance of the skin. It has to be applied together with the main skin care.

Secret Gold Care 60 min.

It refreshes worn skins, particularly repairs the stress traces left on the skin and increases the performance of the skin. It is an anti-aging content intense care.

Hydradvance COLLAGEN Care 60 min.

It reduces the wrinkles on the face and eyes, refreshes the skin. It restores smooth and natural appearance.

Fruit Seasonal Care 50 min.

It is a seasonal shocking care which is applied with the fundamental care particularly in seasonal changes and renovates and revives the skin and protects against wears and is based on exotic fruit essences.