Classic Relax Massage 30 min. - 45 min. - 60 min.

Massage should always be made upwards in order to enable proper blood circulation and heat the tissue. And after heating, various movements such as petrissage, friction, tapotman, vibration can be added in between. Stretching can also be used.

Aromatherapy Massage 45 min. - 60 min.

It is a massage method which is applied by using massage oils which are prepared from mixtures obtained from herbal essences. In this massage, attention should be paid to low tempo and light movements. It is a comforting, relaxing, and resting massage.

Anti Stress Massage 45 min. - 60 min.

It relaxes and comforts the muscles. Applied with slow, rhythmic and soft movements, this massage is made for purification from stress, resting, relieving painful areas and removing sleeplessness. Anti-stress massage involves face, head, neck, back and sol

Deep Tissue Massage (Local) 30 min.

Stress in the body settles on the deep tissues and muscles, and leads to pain in the muscles. It is a corrective and therapeutic massage which is designed for problematic areas (it is effective for the stress and nodes formed in time). Deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage 45 min. - 60 min.

This is a massage type with low tempo manipulations but heavy movements. It is very effective in the release of toxins from the body and it is particularly preferred by those who like hard massage. During the massage, hard pressure is applied on the muscle

Hot Stone Massage 45 min. - 60 min.

Hot stone massage is a massage type applied by plain, smooth heated stones. In this massage, usually basalt and black volcanic stones are used and most of these stones are capable of absorbing water. The heat which is given by the stone both relieves and h

Reflexology Massage 30 min.

Having a history of 4000 years till today, it creates a Deep relief and a positive effect on your organs.

Shiatsu Massage 60 min.

This massage forms an indispensable part of the traditional Far East medicine based on the principle that feet are the mirror of our body and certain points on the sole are applied pressure. Each point on the foot represents certain organs and tissues in t

Thai Massage 60 min.

Thai massage is a kind of Eastern body workout therapy which is based on the treatment of the body, mind and soul. The therapy contains treatment by means of electromagnetic or energy areas pressure and/or manipulative massage which hugs the body, flows in

Anti-Cellulite Massage 45 min.

Cellulite treatment is most importantly based on foot massage. The main reason for cellulite formation is circulation disorder. Disorder in blood and lymph circulation and the increase in the fat tissue lead to the accumulation of toxic substances. Celluli

Lomi Lomi Massage 45 min. - 60 min.

It will convert your stress into relief and rest by integrating the dance and massage specific to Hawaii with the soft slickness of the aromatic oil within harmony with arms.

Indian Head Massage 20 min.

It has been applied in India for more than one thousand years. This massage technique was mainly made by Indian women who believed that massaging their heads with natural vegetable oils will grow and strengthen their hair. And they were right. Massaging he

Mixed Therapy Massage 60 min. 90 min.

Massage therapy is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues in the body in order to normalize them. It consists of the manual techniques which contain fixed or moving pressure application, grasp, body movement or movements towards the body.

Chocolate Massage 30 min. - 45 min.

It is a Far East rooted massage technique. Thanks to this massage, you can feel the chocolate’s effect on your palatal delight in your whole body and you are spoilt and your soul is rested more than ever. This massage technique maximizes the energy flow wh

Lymph Drainage Massage 45 min.

Lymph Drainage Massage not only activates the lymph system and enables the release of oedema and toxin which lead to regional fattening through urine but also tightens the skin and the tissue along with more blood reaching to the cells because it highly re