Turkish Bath Rituals

Rubbing with bath-glove 20 min.

‘Rubbing with bath-glove’, which constitutes the first phase in Turkish bath tradition, is applied for cleaning and purification after high sweating off of the body. Rubbing with bath-glove extracts the toxic substances which are accumulated in the pores of the skin and opens the clogged pores and removes the unevenness. Foam Massage, on the other hand, is covering the body with intense foam which is made of natural soaps and a unique relieving massage which is made by means of this foam.

Algae Body Mask 50 min.

High mineral content stimulates metabolic activity and blood circulation. It softens the skin. Vitamins A, E and minerals such as selenium provide strong antioxidant effect on the skin and strengthen skin function. It enables the body to better balance.

Clay Body Mask 30 min.

It cleans, tightens, nourishes the skin, and purifies it from toxins and microbes. It regulates the liquid mechanism inside the skin, and restructures the skin.

Bath-Glove Foam Massage 30 min.

Going to Turkish Bath actually means going to the past. What you should do is just standing by the basin of the bath and pour hot water on you and heat yourself well. At the end of the ceremony which starts with lying on the navel stone, you both get rid o

Coffee Peeling 30 min.

Traditional Turkish Coffee this time spoils your skin. You can have a smooth skin with the aromatic peeling which will be applied on your skin with Turkish Coffee.

Crystal Peeling 30 min.

As crystal powder contacts the skin with air, sloughs are poured out with the effect of the crystal powder. Meanwhile, the vacuum effect removes the sloughs and stimulates new skin and nourishes the skin.